The Supreme Court Will Take a Spin on Health Care Law

The Supreme Court has decided to listen to both sides of the conflict over President Obama’s healthcare law. The problems lie within the amount of power the federal government is allowed to exercise on its citizens.

The big question that lies at its center is whether Congress has the right to require every American to buy health insurance and may opt to compare life insurance on Money Expert to help their insurance. Conservatives are very much against the idea of expanding government regulation to this kind of extent. Democrats, on the other hand, explain how this will help control costs as hospitals and insurers spend billions of dollars per year to cover costs of uninsured people.

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Getting back to the health care law, the debate at the Supreme Court is scheduled for June of 2012. It will come at a pivotal point for the general election. If the court rules in favor of President Obama, he will have brought to fruition a new health care plan that has been worked toward since theRooseveltpresidency. However, if the law isn’t passed through, this would be a major victory for the Tea Party.

The healthcare reform has led to a major division between the democratic and republican parties. Out of four federal appeals courts, only one has found this new health care law unconstitutional. Two courts have upheld the law while a third had found it hasty.

The Supreme Court justices will have to consider some vital questions when deciding on this new law. Some of these questions include:

  • Is it covered by our constitution for the federal government to call for everyone to have health insurance by the year 2014?
  • If not, can this part be detached from the law, or should the entire law be abandoned?
  • Should the courts delay any decision until 2015, when taxpayers will have to pay a fine for lacking insurance?

We will have to wait until next year to hear the final decision. This new law has brought plenty of conflict with it – as most revolutionary laws do.


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