The 8-Step Process of OS Plus

Do you have dozens and dozens of folders around your office?  Does having your assistant file all your documents in large, metal cabinets really help?  Is it difficult to find what you’re looking for when the time comes to find that particular invoice or text?  If your office has large amounts of documents pile up, it may be time to use the scanning services that Office Solutions Plus LLC provides.

Office Solutions Plus LLC is the right company to use for your scanning needs.  OS+ has detail-oriented staff that makes sure no information is lost and everything is scanned properly.  We remain flexible to whichever filing type you need.  We can scan boxes of any document type including real estate documents, research libraries, legal case reports, financial records, and engineering projects of any kind.

Office Solutions Plus happens to have a perfect, meticulous process for scanning your vital documents.  We offer an eight-step process.  The first step is the assessment portion.  This means we determine your requirements, expectations, due dates, and the quantity and volume of the project.  This helps us make sure you will be pleased with the results.

The next step is receiving.  OS+ will pick up your project in either its entirety or in batches; whichever is easier for you.  At this point, we will log, label, and organize your documents in order for scanning.  We can even deliver some files while others are in process of being scanned.

The third step is preparation.  This includes removing all folders, staples, or binders.  The staff at OS+ repairs damaged papers as well as double-sided and different-sized pages.  The fourth step is set-up.  This means that OS+ modifies document scanning technology to the specifics of your documents.  This also includes using an indexing tool, which will generate word-searching through your documents.  This will make your office work much simpler and easier.  No longer will you search for hours for that one paragraph.

The fifth step is the scanning and editing of your documents.  OS Plus makes sure your documents look spotless!  You will not find a single black mark, dark border, or distorted image.  OS+ guarantees that your documents will be pleasing to view.

The next part of this process is storage.  Your documents will, of course, be stored on a digital media.  However, the digital media is entirely up to you.  You can choose the form of a DVD, FTP, a backup storage website, or on an external drive.

The subsequent step is delivery.  For rush delivery, OS+ can deliver the entire project over a website in a matter of minutes.  Office Solutions Plus can also deliver your project by DVD or whichever storage form you choose while backing up your project remotely for disaster recovery purposes.

The final step OS Plus takes when scanning your documents is file dismissal.  OS Plus can return your files intact, shred them, recycle them, or store them for you.  We can dispose of your files in whichever way you’d like, whenever you’d like.

And there you have it: the 8-step process of OS Plus.  When searching for a trustworthy company that will take good care of your documents, choose Office Solutions Plus LLC!


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