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Deposition Fight Over Texas Voter ID Law is a BIG DEAL

The State of Texas and the US Department of Justice are slugging it out in federal court over DOJ’s request to depose 12 Texas lawmakers on behind-the-scene details of the state’s 2011 Voter ID Law requiring voters to produce valid government-issued photo IDs (Court Orders More Briefings). The Issues.   Texas and a number of other […]

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Supreme Court

New Technology Rules for Journalists in Massachusetts Courts

The highest court in Massachusetts has updated its rules for news coverage of trials and other court proceedings.   The goal of the change is “to recognize the changes in technology and journalism” the court said. The rules permit electronic devices such as laptops in the courtroom, but require anyone seeking to use high tech gear to register […]

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The Supreme Court Will Take a Spin on Health Care Law

The Supreme Court has decided to listen to both sides of the conflict over President Obama’s healthcare law. The problems lie within the amount of power the federal government is allowed to exercise on its citizens. The big question that lies at its center is whether Congress has the right to require every American to […]

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