Skyhook Files a Lawsuit against Google

Ted Morgan cofounded the local company Skyhook, based inBoston.  The company created a product similar to a GPS in which it can find one’s location.  This company used both the satellites orbiting the earth as well as an almanac of WiFi networks to create an improved locating device.  It all began with a car driving aroundBostonwith an external antenna to plot WiFi connections of local businesses.  And now there are Skyhook maps being created across Europe andAsia.  We all know how the standard GPS has a hard time finding where you need to go in a big city, so this new device receives a warm welcome from customers.

Morgan was working with Apple to promote its product.  Skyhook provided new tools in which iPhones determined their location based on these nearby WiFi networks.  Steve Jobs had even addressed their technology in one of his famous Macworld speeches.

Unfortunately, in April of last year, this partnership was broken.  Apple and Skyhook had been allies for two years, but Apple had created a similar device and did not need Skyhook’s technology any longer.

When Skyhook announced it would provide the same service to Motorola phones using Google’s Android operating system, Google fought back and swayed Motorola to use a product they had created.  Google’s executives were actually in the audience during Steve Job’s Macworld speech.  This led them to develop their own product.  All of this conflict led to Skyhook filing a lawsuit against Google for patent infringement.  The next hearing takes place in  a Boston courthouse.  If Skyhook wins this lawsuit, this company will dominate the arena of mobile devices.



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