Should Page Rates Be the Only Consideration?

Court reporting is a competitive business. Page rates are the cost per page that a court reporting firm charges for their services and rates differ from one court reporting firm to the next. There is pressure to select the lowest page rate but this is not the best way to select a court reporting firm. Why?

What matters most is quality and timeliness. The transcript should be error-free and produced correctly according to Massachusetts Trial Court rules. The quality of the court reporter and the competence of the firm behind the work are crucial. If the work is not error free your case may be impacted.

In the today’s world selecting a transcription service provider by page rate alone is not practical because other factors come into play such as needing:

  • A conference room
  • Real time or live view capability
  • Videography
  • Video conferencing
  • Expedited turnaround
  • Translation with other languages can provide the services you need. Court reporters are available to travel anywhere and a conference room is available at our location as well as other services.

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