• OS+ has over 18 years experience working with a broad range of clients in the Legal, Government, Corporate, Medical and Engineering markets, and we understand the needs of our customers: court procedures & requirements, the Open Meeting Law, HIPAA requirements, and the need for customized service to attorneys, executives, doctors & engineers. 
  • OS+ employs a staff of experienced, certified, dedicated professionals, and we bring state-of-the-art technology to bear in all our work. 
  • OS+ is accredited with the Massachusetts Trial Courts  and on the Recommended List – we know Trial Court Rules for creating legal transcripts.
  • OS+ is accredited by the Massachusetts State Government and approved for Commonwealth Agency contracts.
  • OS+ has Open Meeting Law expertise specifically designed for Government Agency meetings & City & Town meetings.
  • OS+ is SOMWBA certified, DBE certified, and WBE certified.
  • OS+ uses high speed electronic collaboration tools to send/receive information guaranteeing fast turnaround for clients whether your product is scanning, transcription, voice or image. 
  • OS+ does on-site and remote backup of your files so your work is protected in two places:  on our server and remotely offsite in case of disaster. 
  • Our most important asset is our reputation, which we re-enforce daily by providing world-class service to our clients.  Each product we send out is accompanied by a customer satisfaction survey to monitor how well we perform, and we continuously solicit client feedback to help us improve our performance.