Legal Market

Office Solutions Plus LLC works daily with attorneys to provide essentially our full range of services.  Whether it be quick-turnaround Depositions, certified Court or Public Hearing Transcripts, On-Demand Transcription, or Document Scanning & Copying projects, attorneys from across the Commonwealth have come to rely upon OS+ to provide professional, flexible, and time-sensitive services that meet their requirements.




Government MarketFor over 15 years, OS+ has worked with public bodies at the state, county, district, city, region, and town levels to meet their requirements for accurate, timely, and comprehensive documentation.

With the passage of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, these requirements for official documents of record have mushroomed to include a much-expanded range of activities by essentially all government entities involved in the development or implementation of public policy.  As this law has been implemented, OS+ has focused on successfully customizing its services to respond to the emerging needs of this entire Client population. View our Quick Guide to the MA Open Meeting Law.


Corporate MarketOffice Solutions Plus LLC works with Corporations to meet a variety of requirements that fall into the following categories:

  • Meeting recording for companies that have sessions on public record and transcription of those recorded meetings
  • Document scanning that converts stored file boxes to indexed electronic files;
  • Transcription of focus groups, interviews, research results;
  • Special projects like copying and mailings.


Medical MarketThe primary services Office Solutions Plus LLC provides to physicians relates to their need to summarize patients’ visits and checkups and to write letters to referring physicians and patients.  OS+ services include taking the doctor’s dictation, generally though our On-Line system but also via remote access to the physician’s internal recording system, and transcribing it after-hours for signature the next morning.  In short, OS+ provides a fast, efficient solution to the physician’s documentation problem.


Engineering MarketA specialty of  Office Solutions Plus LLC is handling large-scale, complex projects, which is where our expertise has become particularly appropriate for clients in the engineering market.  OS+ is frequently called upon by engineering clients to undertake highly complex volume copying and/or document scanning projects requiring exceptional organization, management, and attention to detail.   We not only produce a uniformly exceptional product for these clients, we do so on-schedule and at reasonable prices.