Founded in 1994, OS+ started as a transcription company for the Trial Courts in Massachusetts by winning PRF03, the State Contract with an opportunity to transcribe all media using the State’s Uniform Transcript Format (UTF).  OS+ has since won this contract three times and transcribes work from all courts and the judicial branch of state government as well as other state agencies.

Since then, transcription has grown to include the medical industry using online dictation.  Physicians telephone into a state-of-the-art digital dictation system from any telephone and dictate medical records which are automatically transmitted for transcription using a collaboration website for quick turnaround.

Of particular importance to the Company in recent years, with the passage of the Open Meeting Law in July, 2010, the requirements for certified, accurate, and timely documentation of public hearings and meetings held at all levels of government in the Commonwealth has expanded dramatically .  As the impacts of this law have been felt by public bodies across the state, OS+ has developed new and customized services to respond to the needs of these organizations.

Additionally, OS+ has expanded its services in the Legal market to respond to the requirements of Attorneys in the areas of Depositions and Court Reporting.  Through this concentration of OS+ resources, the Company has developed a broad-based, experienced staff of state-certified Court Reporters and Transcriptionists that enable us to meet our goals in terms of flexibility, timeliness, and efficiency.

And, of course, throughout our entire existence our primary asset has been our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction with the finished product.  Using technological innovation and a marketing strategy based largely on word-of-mouth and Client referrals, OS+ has weathered the economic storms of recent years and continues to flourish based on its emphasis on customized service for each of our Clients.