Office Solutions Plus Offers Meeting Recording

There are many different areas within our local government.  Each area has regular meetings that must go on record.  This means that all sorts of different councils, boards and committees need someone to accomplish their meeting recording.  Did you know that Massachusetts by itself has over 350 cities and towns?  And each of these towns has councils in support of the elderly, career/unemployment services, public defender offices, public health offices, registries of motor vehicles, department of veteran’s services and many others.

Along with the government sector, most businesses take part in regular meetings.  Companies vary from sole proprietorships and partnerships to large corporations.  Companies usually sell products or services.

This means that different businesses specialize in:

  • clothes production
  •  insurance
  • computers and technology
  • telephone services
  • food services
  • furniture and household appliance production
  • And much more

There is an endless number of areas for businesses to crop up in.  And every business must communicate on various plans and goals.  Often the important information discussed in business meetings must be recorded.  That’s where Office Solutions Plus comes in.

If you need meeting recording, you can’t do better than Office Solutions Plus LLC.  We make sure to satisfy all Open Meeting Law requirements so that you can leave your worries behind.  The areas in which OS+ handles meeting recording and transcribing include cities, towns, committees, corporate meetings and other business meetings.  We offer both word-for-word and summarized transcription.  We scan all meeting documents electronically for your record keeping.  In essence, Office Solutions Plus will create a virtual copy of your meeting.  If you are looking for meeting recording, make sure to use Office Solutions Plus LLC for your office work.

To learn more about OS Plus, take a look at this video:  [youtube=]


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