New Resolution to Open Meeting Law Faces Opposition

In Tennessee, a resolution to the open meeting law is having some opposition.  This resistance was started by a member of the Tennessee County Commissioners Association.  This new resolution to the open meeting law will make it impossible for both the general public and the media to attend certain meetings of the local government.

The man in charge of this move is Bob Barnwell, Williamson county commissioner.  At first, there was unanimous agreement favoring the law’s resolution, as all twenty-two Williamson county commissioners supported the bill this past October.  Now there is conflict regarding this bill as two counties have overthrown the resolution.

The Tennessee Municipal League is not currently involved in this dispute over the open meeting law.  The bill allows for members of the local governments to discuss information in private if a quorum is absent.  This law will allow any number of elected officials (as low as 2!) to meet together and make decisions that affect the general public without calling a real meeting.  The citizens of these counties would not be given the appropriate notice when town affairs are being decided.  This issue has not yet been brought to the attention of the White County Board of Commissioners.

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