New Open Meeting Law Makes an Impact

The digital age is making a very strong impact in our local governments!  A new Open Meeting Law has taken hold.  This law allows people to attend these meeting via video-conferencing or by telephone, if this was previously approved.

The Attorney General worked on draft regulations and released the final edition recently.  Remote participation in open meetings can be allowed by a Chief Executive Officer.  Persons qualified as such include the town mayor or a board of selectmen unless otherwise selected by an act or contract. 

This new law is so vital and helpful to this country’s citizens.  Imagine a person who must attend a meeting but has recently broken their leg or gotten seriously ill.  Imagine a parent who needs to stay home to take care of their child that has just gotten back from the hospital.  Imagine an employee who must travel frequently across the globe and cannot make it back in time for an important meeting.  Acceptable reasons for using remote participation include ill health, disability, any sort of emergency, military service, or a different geographic location.

The type of medium allowed includes telephone, satellite, or internet access to audio or video seminars. If audio or video is used, everyone in attendance must be able to hear the person in remote attendance.  If video is used, every person in the room must be able to see the person participating remotely.  All votes, including the remote participants’, must be taken and recorded in the meeting minutes.  A person who will be participating remotely cannot be marked absent from the meeting.

The participant who cannot attend a meeting in person must give the chair notice of their remote participation as early as possible.  The chairman must announce before the meeting who will be participating remotely and for what reason.  If technical issues arise during the meeting, it is recommended to postpone the meeting until the digital connection is restored.  If the remote participant missed part of the meeting, the meeting minutes must reflect this.

Office Solutions Plus LLC focuses on documenting meeting minutes including recording virtual meetings.  This company has taken part in the digital age by using novel technology to ameliorate the lives of hardworking professionals.  Office Solution Plus LLC is able to record meetings electronically, by audio, and by transcription.  The types of meetings handled vary across a wide spectrum from business meetings, city/town meetings, to court reporting. 

Clearly using new technology will improve our society and connect people across the globe.


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