Mobile Transcript: the Lawyer’s Lifesaver

The Mobile Transcript is a novel app that is very useful for all legal professionals. A lawyer, paralegal, court reporters or legal assistant can employ this app to review court transcripts or depositions. This device even allows a person to annotate their files! If you’re a lawyer interested in this, you may also be interested in getting your law firm’s name out there to more clients, and you can do this by checking out law firm location pages which will get more traffic to your website.

Lawyers often work with court reporters who upload the transcripts to the Mobile Transcript account. A court reporter pays for the Mobile Transcript app and provides this service to law firms and lawyers. The court reporter pays $29 per month for this application. While the court reporters upload the documents, a lawyer can view them on the go.

The Mobile Transcript is available for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, and Android smartphones. When using this device, a legal professional may highlight significant parts of a testimony and email the information to their associates, expert witnesses or legal assistants. This device allows a person to email a whole PDF file with highlights or just the highlighted parts. Also, the app allows one to send it via Excel file.

Along with this feature, the app also allows a professional to write deposition summaries. A lawyer can also change the font size and color of the files they are reviewing through this app. To help a lawyer remember when they started reading, the Mobile Transcript has a time capture feature that logs the amount of time spending reading a transcript or deposition. This makes it much easier to have the billable time available to a client. This time log can be exported from the online version to a PDF or Excel file. This app allows one to be more productive, especially during travel. The Mobile Transcript is a worthwhile device a legal professional should consider employing.


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