Massachusetts Open Meeting Law

Martha CoakleyNot long ago, a new section to the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law was added.  Beforehand, a lot of town business was taken care of without as much input from the citizens of the town.  There wasn’t much announcement on the specifics of each town meeting and citizens did not know what would be discussed at each meeting.  Attorney General Martha Coakley changed this.

Coakley enforced a new provision throughout the state.  All public business must now be communicated through specific channels to the general public.  However, some information such as distribution of reports or documents will not be provided.  The way these announcements are made is either posted through hard copy or through electronic format.

Democracy depends on the open communication between the government and the people.  Citizens have the right to knowledge of specific governmental actions.  This law focuses on having most government meetings open to the general public.  There are some exceptions to keep government workers from having every single discussion open to comments from the public.  Any document handled at each meeting has to be filed with a folder of information on that meeting.  Any letters, requests, proposals, or files must be available for the public to see.  Overall, this law has provided a great channel of communication between citizens and the government.

Office Solutions Plus LLC takes part in helping government agencies, towns, and cities with such public meetings.  OS+ handles meeting minutes within the government sector.  We also take part in summarizing what has happened during a meeting.  These summaries are put up in town for every citizen to see what has happened at the last meeting.  In this way, OS+ takes part in facilitating communications between the government and the people.

OS+ satisfy all of the Open Meeting Law requirements and handle meeting recording and transcribing.  OS+ handles meeting minutes for cities, towns, committees, and even corporate meetings.  As mentioned, OS+ handles either verbatim or summarized transcription.  So Office Solutions Plus does handle word-for-word transcripts!  OS+ also scans meeting documents electronically for your record and can create an electronic copy of your meeting.  To find out more, please email or leave a comment!

To learn more about the Open Meeting Law, take a look at this video: [youtube=]


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