How Depositions Can Make or Break a Case

A deposition can be a critical part of a court case.  It could mean the difference between sending a person to jail or letting him or her go free.  In one recent case, twenty-one Haitian boys have accused a man, Douglas Perlitz, of sexually abusing them.

Perlitz had created a program to feed, clothe, educate, and house these boys.  However, the boys maintain that he manipulated them by withholding food if they did not give in to his demands.  The age of these boys varied from nine to twenty-one.  The young boys claim that nothing was done to stop the abuse by the organization.  The lawsuit for these boys is seeking $20 million in damages for each client.

Mitchell Garabedian, a Boston-based lawyer, is seeking to represent the defendants and has drafted the complaints.  Garabedian has successfully represented children that were sexually abused by Catholic priests.  Clearly, the paperwork for such a case is vital.  The depositions will clearly explain what has happened in each case of abuse.

A deposition is the voiced sworn testimony of a witness or victim under oath.  Depositions are handled out of court.  The testimony is recorded and transcribed verbatim to a written document.  These depositions are used to study the case and are often brought up in the court case as evidence.  Lawyers need these depositions to use as evidence and a legal tool that can help win the court case.

Office Solutions Plus LLC specializes in recording and transcribing depositions according to the rules and regulations of the courts.  OS+ is certified by the Massachusetts Administrative Office of the Trial Courts and is SOMWBA certified, DBE certified, and WBE certified.  We also make sure to use the latest technology in our services, which enable OS+ to provide rush services to our clients.  Office Solutions Plus has rush depositions available.  This means that OS+ will meet your deadlines and deliver a quality product!


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To learn more about the Perlitz case, take a look at this video. [youtube=]


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