Hey Attorneys! Here is a Document Review Tool to Help You!

Attorneys must decide which documents are relevant to a case.  This process is called document review.

Often law firms hire experienced document reviewers to study the legal papers.  Sometimes contract attorneys are also hired for this process.  Often much of this work is done electronically, through scanned copies, emails, and other files.

A great document-review tool that law firms are utilizing is called Westlaw CaseLogistix.  It allows the reviewer to see all the documents in one place.  This device allows a legal team to organize, review, analyze, and create any legal document.  Westlaw CaseLogistix has features such as grouping similar documents in specific folders while categorizing them by dates and issues, viewing documents in different formats such as PDFs and TIFs, and configuring the interface to include only what one needs.


This tool also allows one to browse through the documents and the security measures allow viewing restrictions.

Another valuable tool to get the job done is to use Office Solutions Plus LLC for transcription and deposition projects.  Office Solutions Plus LLC offers speed, accuracy, and quick delivery!  OS Plus is certified by the Massachusetts Trial Courts.

To learn more about Office Solutions Plus LLC and the services we provide, make sure to visit our website!

To hear more information on technology in the legal field, take a look at the video below.



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