Depositions will Play a Vital Role in Drunk Driving Accident

Residents of a small town inTexashave filed a petition to gain the depositions of a liquor store. This particular store may have sold alcohol illegally to minors; minors that later died in a drunk driving accident. Consequentially, California wrongful death attorneys may have to be contacted with regard to legal action. On September 18, 2011, three minors were killed in this car accident. The driver of the car had surpassed the legal blood alcohol limit. If you or someone you know has encountered a motoring accident, including drunk driving or not, hiring the help of a lawyer in your area will be of great benefit to you, try looking into many such as these VA traffic lawyers.

The residents Kimberly Jones, Harold Brantley, Jack Smith, Kelly and James Bates, and Dawn Fluts filed a petition requesting a deposition on February 24th in front of the Jefferson County District Court. These community members are seeking the deposition of Triangle Marketing corporate representative Hussain Ali Habib to further investigate into any wrongdoing on the part of the store.

The petition asserts, “The alcohol consumed by said minor driver had been illegally provided by The County Store in violation of the law prohibiting the sale of alcohol to minors.” These community members are asking for the reports, video, and any testimony in regards to the selling of the alcohol. Receiving a deposition and supporting documents will go a long way into providing a conclusion to this unfortunate affair.

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