Depositions Don’t Have to Be Boring – Part II: Questions & Answers

Q. When you got to the hospital, did you see any doctors?

A. Yes, they were everywhere.

You know this deposition isn’t going to be boring!

fingerstappingSometimes it seems like the questions asked in a deposition are always the same. The answers are usually not surprising. Occasionally, though, you wonder if you pulled the short straw because the answer to your question is just too “out there”. Other times you may depose someone who gets a bit testy or angry and acts out.

We’ve come up with a few tactics to take the “boring” out of your next deposition


  • Play “bored” to get the opposition off track – appear impatient to speed up the questioning. Try sighing, yawning or asking when it will be over.
  • Pause and look at the witness after he finishes answering a question and see if you can make him feel like he needs to keep talking to get more information.
  • Play dumb – see if the witness or expert will try to take advantage of your lack of understanding by exaggerating and therefore lose credibility.

Of course, there are still the oldies but goodies:

  • Check your email
  • Doodle on your notepad
  • Play with your pen
  • Get a cup of coffee

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