Court Reporting & Deposition servicesOffice Solutions Plus LLC understands the crucial role Court Reporting & Deposition services play in essentially all types of litigation.  In response, OS+ provides our clients with a full menu of court reporting capabilities and deposition options.  And we deliver On-Time and On-Budget.

  • Experienced, State-Certified Court Reporters
  • On-site deposition and testimony
    • Trial Courts
    • Attorney-specified location
    • OS+ pre-arranged venue
  • Deposition & testimony for all types of litigation
    • Criminal & civil cases
    • Complex Corporate & Medical Testimony
  • Recording & Delivery Options
    • Audio & video recording
    • Teleconference, videoconference, live video streaming
    • PDF, eTranscript®, Index, Miniscript
    • Scanned exhibits in image formats, PDF and OCR
    • Email final package to Attorney/FTP download available
    • Notarized, bound, & stamped hardcopy with CD via priority mail


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