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The Importance of Accurate Meeting Minutes

Got a meeting? Here is why MEETING MINUTES should be kept. Accurate meeting minutes are an essential part of city, town, engineering, corporate, government and any other meeting. Why? To create an official record of what transpires.  Minutes are an invaluable source when questions arise regarding project status, responsibility, and implementation. Minutes are recorded and […]

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Your Ideal Court Reporter – What To Look For!

When it is essential to have an exact legal record of what people said in court, the services of a Court Reporter is needed. The Court Reporter’s primary function is to quickly capture an accurate record of all communications during legal proceedings. It is important they have mastered the skills necessary to produce a transcript […]

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Carl A. Cathcart

Is There A Tree In Court: YES!!!

Meet Expert Witness Carl Cathcart Trees don’t grow in court, but their legal issues do!  Expert Tree Witness Carl Cathcart has been in federal and state courts testifying about tree law for 40 years. Trees and Golf Regularly golfing at Fort Devens, this golfer also worked there.  At day’s end, wind blowing or not, he […]

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3 Tips For a Great Deposition

3 Tips For an Attorney and a Court Reporter – Result: A Great Deposition The relationship between a court reporter and an attorney is special. Believe it or not, attorneys cannot do certain parts of their job without the help of court reporters or transcription services. But attorneys can do 3 little things to enhance […]

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Depositions Don’t Have to Be Boring – Part II: Questions & Answers

Q. When you got to the hospital, did you see any doctors? A. Yes, they were everywhere. You know this deposition isn’t going to be boring! Sometimes it seems like the questions asked in a deposition are always the same. The answers are usually not surprising. Occasionally, though, you wonder if you pulled the short straw […]

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Depositions Don’t Have to Be Boring – Part I: Location

Here at OSPlus our Court Reporters take a lot of depositions – normally in offices or conference rooms. But sometimes depositions are held in other places when a person cannot travel to your office, they are in another state, disabled, hospitalized or in jail requiring you to find a different location or utilize video conferencing […]

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Eric Tennen

DEFENDING SEX OFFENDERS: Necessary but Not Popular!

Elizabeth Tice heads up Office Solutions Plus LLC which is exposed to many interesting cases. From time to time, we like to share what we learn with you. Today’s interview is with ERIC TENNEN, a partner at Swomley and Tennen LLP, for whom we provide deposition and transcription services. If we can help capture your […]

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