Background on the MA Open Meeting Law

The Massachusettts Open Meeting Law was initially adopted into the local government in 1975.  This meant public officials lost all rights to make decisions regarding public agenda privately.  However, this law spent years being unenforced or misconstrued.  Sometimes, government officials would discuss public information in cafes or over the phone, without a public presence.

Ever since the responsibility of the Open Meeting Law has changed hands to the Attorney General’s Office in 2010, the enforcement of this law has Martha Coakleyprogressed.  Martha Coakley, the Attorney General, enforced this law by providing better guidelines and issuing informational documents.  Many local officials have been improving their meeting minutes, posting detailed agendas, and making other minutes more exact.  However, there are still some local government officials who have trouble with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law, as there have been a fair amount of violations.

To help local governments with the specific details of this law, it is best for public officials to outsource their meeting minutes and agendas to Office Solutions Plus LLC.  The Office Solutions Plus LLC business specializes in meeting minutes according to the rules and regulations of the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law.


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