Are Clemens’ (Perjured?) Deposition & Testimony to Congress Important? |

Are Clemens’ (Perjured?) Deposition & Testimony to Congress Important?

go to link go site Roger Clemens OathAs Roger Clemens’ perjury trial resumed this week in Washington, an important, albeit unstated, question seems to have taken center stage for the defense – does lying to Congress really matter?  Aside from questions of actual guilt or innocence, a distinctly cynical view has emerged that Capitol Hill is wasting its time – and our tax dollars – pursuing a celebrity athlete who may have lied to them to salvage his tattered reputation.

source link cos'è un opzione binaria In cross-examination of House staffer Phil Barnett of the House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform (Clemens Opted to Testify) Clemens’ lawyer Rusty Hardin questioned the motives of Congress behind the 2008 hearings into steroid use in baseball. When his questioning brought an objection, Hardin stated that the House’s steroid hearings were “nothing more than a show trial” designed to punish Clemens for fighting the accusations against him.  “That is not a legitimate function of Congress,” Hardin stated. (Clemens Statements Played).

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