A Hospital’s Mistake: A C-Section is Performed on a Not-Pregnant Woman

Recent depositions show that a Manhattan hospital may have made some colossal medical mistakes.  Dr. Suarna Mehulic is indicting New York Downtown Hospital of performing a C-section on a patient who was not pregnant.

This information was revealed in videotaped depositions during a lawsuit Dr. Mehulic filed for wrongful termination.  Mehulic had described dangerous practices in this hospital’s Obstetrics and Gynecological Department to the New York State Department of Health.  Two days later, she was fired.

The hospital, however, claims that Mehulic was fired because she was confrontational and paranoid.  The hospital’s Chief Operating Officer, Anothony Alfonso, cites that she was fired due to insubordination.

Another video deposition given by Dr. Lana Boter shows that she was also a witness to a C-section performed on a woman who was not pregnant.  Dr. Boter is on the hospital’s Quality Assurance Committee, which studies any disputed hospital care.  Boter claims that “A little extra time would have shown that there was no pregnancy at all.”  According to Mehulic, the patient was sixteen years old.  The young woman had told the doctors that she was pregnant but could not feel the baby kicking.  Allegedly, the doctors believed what was stated and started surgery before confirming her pregnancy.


Another doctor who was present at this incident, Dr. Anca Rosca, also answered a lawyer’s question on this surgery.  After affirming the C-section, Dr. Rosca states, “Turns out she wasn’t pregnant.”

Despite all of this evidence seen through the depositions, hospital officials deny this ever occurred.  They even issued a statement claiming: “no C-section has ever been performed in our hospital on a woman who was not pregnant, and if you were to suggest otherwise it would be an egregious and inflammatory error.”

Dr. Mehulic found out about this case when the young woman returned to the hospital due to aching pain in her pelvic region.  After speaking with the patient, Mehulic realized the young woman had never been told what had happened.

Not long ago,New York DowntownHospital settled claims of Medicaid fraud with the state and federal governments.  This hospital paid out $13.4 million in settlements, and it seems that this new scandal will also take its toll.

Without these video depositions, the truth about a hospital’s practices would not have been brought to light.  Office Solutions Plus LLC takes pride in completing depositions and transcription as certified by the Massachusetts Trial Courts.


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