3 Tips For a Great Deposition

3 Tips For an Attorney and a Court Reporter – Result: A Great Deposition

The relationship between a court reporter and an attorney is special. Believe it or not, attorneys cannot do certain parts of their job without the help of court reporters or transcription services. But attorneys can do 3 little things to enhance the court reporter’s ability to create and prepare accurate documents.


  • Schedule the deposition well in advance
  • Write out the names of all parties for the court reporter
  • Let the court reporter sit near the person being deposed so s/he can hear everything
  • Before the deposition begins, turn off phones and mobile devices. They interfere with the court reporters equipment
  • Let the court reporter work with the exhibits before collecting them after the deposition is completed.

Break it up

Most people do not realize that court reporting is a physical job. The reporter sits in a tense position throughout the proceeding due to the equipment s/he is working on. A scheduled break is a welcome relief and is helpful for everyone at the deposition to relax for a few minutes.

Speak Clearly

To help the court reporter adjust to the voices in the room, keep the proceedings moving to prevent unnecessary delays and be sure to:

  • Speak clearly
  • Enunciate
  • Spell out names

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