3 Myths About Transcription







1. Transcription is easy and fast

This is a myth because transcribing audio depends on several factors. Some of the things that influence the ease of transcription include:

  • format required 
  • the quality of the audio
  • how clear the voice recorded is (for example – an accent)
  • the number of persons on the recording
  • transcriptionist experience

Depending on any number of factors, even a good clean audio file that is one hour long can take 3 hours to transcribe. Audio files with several voices can take twice as long and if it needs to be listened to again to ensure accuracy, it can affect the time it takes to provide a high quality precise transcription.

2. It’s all about fast typing

This is a myth because while a transcriptionist needs to be fast, he/she also needs to be accurate and HEAR the audio. A poor quality audio can require more work than a clear audio file. The transcriptionist may need to go over the file several times to ascertain the words being spoken. Several people talking at once and some accents are more difficult to understand when transcribing.

Transcription style (verbatim or summary) as well as client requirements are also factors.

 3. It’s just typing

This is another myth. Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation are very important aspects of providing clients with a great transcript. One small error could potentially change the meaning of a sentence. For example, consider the words there, their and they’re. 

Research is an often overlooked part of the transcription job. Transcribing is more than just typing. We frequently work on files with technical language and need to do research so we make sure we get it right. This also involves lots of proofreading and googling!

While transcribing documents may not always be easy, OfficeSolutionsPlusLLC.com makes it a worry-free experience for you by providing the top level, personalized transcription services you need.

Do you have Questions about Transcription Services?

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